Beyond Protocol

Beyond Protocol — A New Frontier

A fast, flexible, secure, and unified IoT framework will allow the machines we rely on to serve the greater good like never before. But how? In this second installment of our introductory series, we’ll review how our tech works, and what this means for you.

What We Do

Our aim in building Beyond Protocol was to create the ideal IoT framework:

  • Make it fully decentralized and dynamic, inviting anyone to build

Imagine What Could Be

Your house is on fire.

What If Your Smoke Alarm Was Smarter?

Let’s get back to our house fire for just a moment.

  • contacted and deployed several firefighter drones, equipped to douse powerfully an active fire closest to where human biomarkers were detected
  • sent out carrier drones to rescue family members from any nearby windows

Built To Last

Technology moves fast. As a result, many machines, computers, networks, and software become outdated pretty quickly.

Security — Built In From The Ground Up

As chronicled in the first article of this series, Beyond Protocol was born after a meeting between Jonathan and Denis and HP Inc.’s CEO Enrique Lores — enterprise printers were the leading entry point bad actors used to infiltrate organizations and the industry needed a solution.

  • Blockchain-based Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT): allows for an unchangeable, decentralized record of all devices and transactions

PUF — The “Fingerprint”

So what exactly is PUF, and how does it work within Beyond Protocol?

DLT — The “Ledger”

Blockchain is a digital ledger. Each event on the blockchain — every data transfer — is permanently recorded and can be referenced indefinitely.

The Solution

Right now in cybersecurity, we have encryption. Encryption makes it so that when I send you a message, others can’t peer in and see the content. There is an issue though. If someone pretends they’re me and sends you a message, you’ll open it up and do what you think I said. There is no bigger issue in cybersecurity.

So What’s Next? Testnet, Electric Cars, And More…

We hope you enjoyed this summary of the tech behind Beyond Protocol; we felt it was critical to get this information across in a more informal, plainspoken manner. For an even more concise overview, we encourage you to watch this video overview by Jonathan.