Beyond Protocol — The Time is Now

A fast, flexible, secure, and unified IoT framework will allow the machines we rely on to serve the greater good like never before. In the previous two articles, we discussed how. In this final installment of our introductory series, we announce what’s next — the TGE, and beyond.

Let’s get right to business.

  • token launches, high volume trading ensues, buyers and sellers battle
  • after a short time, sell pressure outweighs buy pressure, price bleeds out
  • lengthy consolidation comes next, well below listing price
  • the project delivers on what was promised, and token price gradually recovers

Beyond Tokenomics

Complete token supply breakdown, by pool.
  • Core Team
  • Employee Pool
  • Ecosystem Growth & Operations
  • on Day 30, circulating supply will increase from 1.5% to 3.3%, and will continue to increase incrementally every thirty days until reaching just under 30% by the time of our mainnet launch (Q2 of 2022)
  • by the one-year anniversary of TGE, circulating supply will be 37%
  • after one more year, 67% — eventually culminating in 100% of supply being available at the five-year mark
Vesting schedule, displayed bi-annually.
Complete monthly vesting schedule.

The Road Ahead