Beyond Protocol’s Secret Sauce

The Beyond Protocol mainnet launch will be a hallmark event, opening the floodgates of IoT innovation to the masses. Once our code is made public, the entire world will be able to work with us in building the fabric of the future—what’s been seen to-date is just the tip of the iceberg. In this article, we’ll talk about the strategy which guides it all: caring.

Cage the Elephant lead signer Matt Shultz, wearing a biometric suit powered by Beyond Protocol

Build It and They Will Come

  • Partnership with Rob Gronkowski and DoorDash on our Connected Athlete initiative, delivering Patient Health Information over the blockchain for the first time, ever, allowing for just-in-time delivery of the nutrients our bodies need:
  • Partnership with Grammy Award-winning Cage the Elephant and the Vanderbilt University Center for Innovation on a prototype biometric suit for lead-singer Matt Shultz, helping monitor his vitals for novel mental health applications:
  • Beyond Protocol EV charging stations — in partnership with Stripe, a global leader in payment processing — allowing secure, instant payment for each electric vehicle charge:
  • European Union Commission electric bike station initiative, stationed directly outside their meeting site:

The Road to a Mainstream Mainnet

Final Thoughts — The Best Is Yet to Come



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