$BP Now Available on MetaMask Swap

Here’s a quick guide on how to buy $BP from within the MetaMask mobile app.

We’re happy to announce that as of today, the Beyond Protocol token can be purchased from directly within the MetaMask mobile app! We realize many are already familiar with the MetaMask app, but for those who are not, this step-by-step walkthrough should prove helpful:

Step 1 — Load/Create Wallet, Then Swap:

Once you’ve either (1.) loaded your existing wallet into the MetaMask mobile app via your seed phrase, or (2.) created a new wallet from within MetaMask mobile (this is as simple as downloading the app to your smartphone), you’ll arrive at the main account summary screen above. Click “Swap” to begin the process.

Note: if you just signed up, you’ll need to buy some Ethereum to swap with first. This is very straight-forward, and you can do it with Apple Pay, credit card, and debit card.

Step 2 — Select $BP Token, Decide How Much To Buy:

At this next screen, select your preferred slippage by tapping the area I’ve circled in red (when you perform a swap, you are agreeing to a price quote — if the price of the swap goes outside of the allowed slippage, or price variance, it will fail; 2–3 percent is a typical value). Next, tap “Select a token” near the center of the screen, then type “Beyond Protocol” in the search bar under “Convert to”. Once you see the $BP token with the correct logo, tap it, then move on to the next screen:

Here, we can choose which currency to swap from (I’ve chosen ETH), then specify how much you want to spend (I’ve typed in 0.2 ETH). Once you’re finished, tap “Get quotes”.

Step 3 — Review Details, Confirm Swap

At this final screen, you’ll be able to review the estimated number of tokens you’ll receive (circled in green), as well as the expected gas fee (circled in red). If you accept the terms of the swap, swipe right on the blue bar at the bottom to begin the transaction.

This will submit your transaction to the blockchain, where it will await confirmation. Once the transaction completes, you will receive a notification within MetaMask.

We hope you found this guide helpful — as we launch on more exchanges and provide more options for purchasing $BP token, we’ll continue to share information on how to utilize these new avenues.

Thank you for your continued support, and feel free to stop by our Telegram and Discord channels if you need any further assistance!

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