January 21st AMA — CEO and Co-Founder Jonathan Manzi takes questions from the MEXC community

After listing our native token successfully on the MEXC exchange last month, this AMA was held to give their community a chance to learn more about Beyond Protocol in a live Q&A format with Jon.

Beyond Protocol
3 min readJan 22, 2022

Prior to the beginning of the session, the MEXC Telegram group was given time to submit questions for the AMA — below are the chosen community questions and Jon’s answers:

QUESTION 1: “[Is Beyond Protocol] planning NFTs?”

JON: “By leveraging our technology, you can build a very special type of NFT, unlike anything out there right now. I can’t get into specifics here; I really want to; it’s one of those massive, high-profile use cases like we’ve done before — but, I will leave you with something related to the metaverse:

Imagine in order for you to be transported to a special digital world, you and a group of people from different parts of the world had to “check-in” to a certain physical locations. Once the last person shows up at the place he needs to, at once, you all get transported to the same virtual world — a concert maybe. Beyond Protocol allows for this. It goes down to the device-level of each person — their phones let’s say — and confirms they are checked-in.”

QUESTION 2: “Hi Jonathan, what can you tell us about the [United States] Infrastructure bill and BP’s role?”

JON: “In the USA, the Biden Administration recently signed into the law the infrastructure bill, which calls for the US to have 500,000 charging stations deployed by 2030. At this time, the US is planning for half of vehicles to be sold to be electric, and California is planning a complete phase out of new gas powered cars by 2035. Charging stations are becoming the new gas station.

In August 2021, Beyond Protocol unveiled the world’s most secure blockchain wallet — it’s probabilistically impossible to hack.

In November 2021, Beyond Protocol’s technology was deployed to power an European Union Commission mobility initiative, allowing e-bikes wirelessly to pass their IDs to charging stations — thanks to Beyond Protocol’s secure ledger technology, the charging stations automatically know exactly how much voltage to provide the bikes, how long to charge to them, and who to bill.

Now, Beyond Protocol launches charging stations in Europe with Stripe.

Beyond Protocol allows for ownership by the masses. Through the shared fractionalized ownership of a network of charging stations, we can all own rights to the new oil.

Beyond Protocol’s technology allows for seamless authentication and payment by vehicle operators, and later, autonomous vehicles. The next phase is bringing those charging stations to the USA, which we are doing with the support of advisors like Moe Vela, Senior Advisor to President Joe Biden.”

Here is a good overview of the work done there with Stripe:


QUESTION 3: “Can you briefly describe your partnership[s] so far and upcoming partnerships?”

JON: “One thing we’re proud of is our blue-chip partners. They put us in a position to achieve our goal of a mainstream mainnet — we are looking to create one of the most mainstream mainnets in blockchain tech history.

Current partners to-date include some of the biggest, most consequential organizations in the world:

European Union Commission





And the list goes on — see our website: beyond.link/developers

As we approach mainnet we will be releasing work with others, and it’s not superficial work — it’s deep work, getting the technology in position to scale. At mainnet, Beyond Protocol strives to power innovative use-cases which make big impacts in people’s lives. We’ve shown what can be achieved so far in this respect on our testnet, and there is so much more coming there. Our partnerships help support this.