Beyond Protocol

Liquidity Incentive Program— Earn $BP on Uniswap

Effective today, receive a Pioneer Grant for supplying liquidity on Uniswap — here’s how.

  • assume you provide $5k in liquidity — or 0.1% of the ETH/BP liquidity pool
  • by December 7th, you’d receive 100 $BP tokens (which is 0.1% of 100,000)
  • at today’s prices, this would be a nearly 80% profit in 30 days

How To Add Liquidity

  1. Whitelist your address here (form opens at 11:30pm EDT)
  2. Visit Beyond Protocol’s “add liquidity” page on Uniswap here
  3. Input the number of $BP tokens you want to provide to the liquidity pool (minimum 0.25 ETH worth of $BP).
  4. Confirm the liquidity add by clicking “Approve BP” and approve the transaction in your wallet
  5. Once the transaction is confirmed, click “Supply” and accept the transaction in your wallet