Magic by Beyond Protocol

Help us spread the magic and get an epic, special edition $BP hoodie.


On Saturday, we announced bringing the metaverse to the Field of Dreams with Cisco. It was so special to watch the magic of the iconic site fill the souls of our friends and partners. The image of Matthew Ray Schultz, Cage the Elephant frontman, dancing ecstatically in the outfield will always put a smile on my face.

In conversations with teammates following the announcement, we were all saying the same thing — the moments when we share magic with each other are so important and special. They are purifying and inspiring.

Over the past year, Beyond Protocol’s Philippines Street Team has participated in monthly missions, bringing aid, compassion, and encouragement to our brothers in sisters in need. We typically focus on tangible resources like nourishment, books, and wheelchairs. For our next missions, which will include newly initiated Street Teams chapters across the globe, we want to focus more on spreading magic: nourishment for the soul.

Over the next forty-eight hours, we are holding a push to share the magic. Any purchase of $BP will be matched dollar-for-dollar by Beyond Protocol to fund our Magic by Beyond Protocol initiative. Any purchaser of 5 BP or more who HODLs through the end of the year will receive an epic, special-edition Magic by Beyond Protocol hoodie. To participate, purchase BP, and fill out this form.

Please join us in creating magic.

All my best,




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