To cap off an eventful first month of trading for $BP, we’re excited to announce Beyond Protocol’s Pioneer Grant Liquidity Incentive Program.

Beginning at 11:30pm EDT tonight, anyone who provides at least 0.5 ETH worth of liquidity for the BP/ETH pair on Uniswap (0.25 worth of $BP + 0.25 …

Bitmart Lists $BP Token on Monday, October 25th

Continuing with our plans to list strategically the $BP token on multiple exchanges in Q4, Beyond Protocol has chosen Bitmart as our next CEX listing.

  • $BP deposits will be made available on Sunday, October 24th at 10:00 AM EDT
  • $BP/USDT begins trading on Monday, October 25th at 10:00 AM EDT

Digifinex Lists $BP Token on Tuesday, October 19th

Our first listing with Uniswap made $BP available to buyers all over the world. In building a technology that will make a global impact, we likewise want to make our token available to anyone who shares our vision for a better, safer, and more connected civilization.

With this in mind…

Help us spread the magic and get an epic, special edition $BP hoodie.


On Saturday, we announced bringing the metaverse to the Field of Dreams with Cisco. It was so special to watch the magic of the iconic site fill the souls of our friends and partners. …

We’re happy to announce that as of today, the Beyond Protocol token can be purchased from directly within the MetaMask mobile app! We realize many are already familiar with the MetaMask app, but for those who are not, this step-by-step walkthrough should prove helpful:

Step 1 — Load/Create Wallet, Then Swap:

To learn more about our TGE, including listing day tokenomics and our launch strategy and philosophy, check out this article.

Uniswap — What Is It?

Put simply, it’s a crypto exchange.

Many are introduced to crypto through what is known as a Centralized Exchange (or “CEX” for short)— some of the most well-known CEXs are…

TGE —Important Launch Day News

In what can be most appropriately described as an unexpected turn of events in these final hours leading up to launch, our listing with Bitfinex has been postponed indefinitely. An article on our launch strategy and philosophy, and initial decision points for Bitfinex here.

As many of you are well…

Let’s get right to business.

We’re pleased to announce that the wait for our much-anticipated TGE will soon be over. On October 4th, 2021 our native token (BP) will be available for public trading!

In anticipation of this key event in the history of Beyond Protocol, we have very carefully considered how this launch should…

In the introductory article of this series, we covered our company origins and established why there’s a crucial need for security in the IoT space.

Simply put, the Internet of Things cannot serve the greater good without adequate security. Artificial Intelligence continues to merge with human consciousness in innumerable ways…

Jonathan Manzi dropped out of college.

Most people would not only be satisfied with, but completely enthralled by the prospect of attending a university as prestigious as Stanford — and not to say that Jonathan wasn’t. They’ve produced, combined, dozens of Nobel Laureates, Turing Award winners, and Fields Medalists; not…

Beyond Protocol

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